Thousands of abbreviations

2,932 carefully selected abbreviation meanings enable you to find what you want faster. Abbreviations and meanings are only added to Medly after being screened by a medical industry advisor to ensure a high level of relevancy and accuracy, eliminating clutter.

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Search quicker, find faster

Medly makes it effortless to search through abbreviations and their meanings. The lightning fast search is accessible on the home screen and is always just a tap away when using other parts of the app.

Make your own history

The recent tab provides a convenient way to see your recently viewed, searched, or copied abbreviations. Every time you view an abbreviation or perform a copy action, the abbreviation is added to this view making it the go-to place for finding abbreviations you use day in and day out.

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Designed for iOS 7

Medly gives you a clean and intuitive user experience that is not only functional but enjoyable to use. Dynamic Text Size is an iOS 7 feature that is utilized app-wide by Medly to provide you with a richer app experience that can be tailored to your liking.

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