Stay detail-oriented. You'll thank yourself later.

Keep detailed tasting notes on beer appearance, mouthfeel, scent and much more. Never forget what that one beer you had two months ago at your friend's place tastes like.

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Find what you're looking for. In no time.

Sort beers based on metrics such as brewery, style, rating, and more. BrewBarrel makes it easy to find what you are looking for even when you have hundreds of beers. Start pouring sooner.

Import tasting notes. Save your thumbs some typing.

The Brew Inbox is your central place for viewing brews that have been sent to you. Preview detailed tasting notes from other BrewBarrel users right inside the app. Choose to import your entire inbox into your collection - all with the press of a button.

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Share your beers. Your friends will thank you.

It's not fun to drink alone. Choose to share what you are drinking on Facebook or Twitter, or send your favorite beer to a friend. Send a brew from your collection as a BrewBarrel brew file and the recipient can instantly view all the info you’ve entered for the brew right inside the app.

Download BrewBarrel.

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